Underlay – Aquablock 3mm

The all-in-one film and foam combination underlayment with exceptional moisture resistance and outstanding acoustic performance for use between your laminate, bamboo or engineered timber floating floor and substrate or subfloor. Suitable for use in detached and semi-detached houses, units and apartments.
Actual Area (sq m) 20
Total Price $110.00


Grey IXPE (Cross Linked Polyethylene) Foam with Blended Co-polymers and Extra Thick 0.2mm Black PE (Polyethylene) Film Membrane Barrier.
Provides Floating Flooring with Superior Cushioning.
Specifically Designed to Reduce Foot Noise and Transmission of Sounds in Multi-Storey Buildings.
Excellent Resistance Against Rising Damp, Moisture, Mould and Mildew with the Integrated Plastic Film Backing and the Closed Cell Plastic Membrane Core.
Resilient IXPE Core has Good Thermal Insulation and Shock Absorption Properties.
Helps to Eliminate Minor Imperfections of the Subfloor.
Ideal for Floating Floors with Integrated Click Lock Joint System.
Foam Core Provides Underfoot Comfort.
Best in Class High Density Core.

Additional information

Area per Pack



Grey IXPE Foam (Cross Linked Polyethlene) combined with a Very Thick 0.2mm Black Polyethylene Barrier


Extra Dense 50kg/m³



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