TANOA Flooring - 14mm Strand Woven Bamboo

Our range of 14mm gloss strand woven bamboo flooring features 4 side engineered micro beveled edge, which gives a visual definition to each floorboard while not being deep enough to trap dirt, scratch resistant and stain resistant surface, very easy to install German technology drop lock joint system, with wax coating in the joint system to help protect the board core from moisture and to reduce noise transference. This collection of floorboards meets E1 formaldehyde emission standards, features a high density strand woven bamboo core (with a Janka Hardness rating of up to 14KN), making each floorboard strong and rigid, comes with 25 years limited structural warranty for peace of mind. Tanoa Flooring – 14mm Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring range is available for pick up from our Western Sydney warehouse.

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