PRIME Laminate - Legend Collection - 12mm AC5 Dyna Core+ Waterproof

Dyna Core+® – Traditional Laminate Flooring with Built-In Waterproof Surface is no longer a dream. Prime Laminate – Legend Collection with Dyna Core+® represents the next generation of Dyna Core laminate floorboards, which manages to combine numerous advanced manufacturing techniques together and provides an authentic hardwood texture surface. The utilisation of the world’s latest Aquashield Tech allows for the surface of the floorboards to be waterproof. This new product allows you to enjoy the timeless, natural beauty of hardwood floorboards without needing to worry about water damage. The excellent performance characteristics of Dyna Core+ (an upgrade to the original Dyna Core) prolongs the water resistance time to 72 hours from the bottom of the boards. It also allows for the floorboards to be stable in all dimensions with little to no movement. Every plank is processed with enhanced, scuff-resistant technology, enabling it to achieve the highest commercial scratch resistant rating of AC5, making it perfect for everyday use. Further, as a bonus, the application of the world’s latest Negative Ion Technology on the surface of each plank enables the floor to consistently release tourmaline into the air, assisting in human body circulation, mental alertness, stress relief and improving immune system strength. 72 hours | 360º Water Proof Warranty – Conditions apply. Refer to Prime Laminate – Legend Collection Warranty. Maintenance    Installation    Warranty    Brochure
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